Laney Family

I love photographing a new family in a new place. The Laney land was beautiful! So exciting to shoot! Add in an adorable family and bam! Great shots!


Howard Family

You know there is nothing I love more than photographing a personality more than a person. At this session I totally got that chance! I loved the props Renee brought…things the boys love to do in a place dear to their family. Perfect!

I took Ryan and Lauren to Market Square to photograph their maternity session. They were expecting their first child. Their daughter was born last week! We had a great time exploring the Square! I am so thrilled for them as they begin parenthood!

Emily’s Senior Session

Emily was awesome…so much fun! She is a long distance swimmer so I was able to reminisce about those good ol’ swim meet days. No doubt she could kick my tail though! 🙂 And I loved that little brother Connor came as well! Nothing like siblings! All in all, another wonderful family and a beautiful photo shoot at the Tin Roof!

Isabella and Josiah

Just a couple more cutie pies! Isabella and Josiah are great kids! Also a wonderful representation of “boy” and “girl”. Isabella hammed it up for me…always ready to pose and be pretty. I chased Josiah all over the place as he climbed everything within reach! We had tons of fun and I got a workout! 🙂

Halla and family

Halla is such a sweet and beautiful girl. She was a joy to photograph, and especially in this amazing setting! (special thanks to Ashley S. for letting us roam around her land again:) ). We had a wonderful shoot…I am very pleased with the results. Can’t wait for April and Barry to see!

You know I am excited about an album when I post it at 1am. Audrey and I had a blast taking her pics in her uniforms (with a few accessories) at her school. She is such a neat kid, funny and smart, and as you can see, beautiful! I threw in a few of my darlings eating cotton candy, GK in her high heels, and Audrey and her best bud!